Acromioclavicular Reconstruction System

The novel M-Fix implant and J-Pass suture delivery device are designed to facilitate acromioclavicular reconstruction addressing coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction in acromioclavicular dislocations and fractures.


  • Recreates 3-D ligament structure

Better Biomechanics

  • Improved wear characteristics
  • M-Fix construct closely approximates ligament stiffness


  • No drill holes = Lower fracture risk


  • J-Pass proprietary passer facilitates predictable subcoracoid passage
  • Allows intraoperative x-ray with adjustability


Provides reproducible suture-passing around the coracoid and clavicle.
  • Proprietary, ergonomic, and scope-compatible suture passing tool


Wide prosthetic weave made from high tenacity polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Designed for anatomic repair
  • Subcoracoid and circumferential clavicle passage
  • 4.25mm & 7mm versions
  • No drill holes
  • Wide weave for maximum bone preservation
Low profile locking buckle
  • Low profile, knotless design
  • Buckle allows for adjustment prior to final lock
  • Provisional and final (locked) fixation