The Arrow Total Shoulder System is designed to meet long-term performance needs by achieving the optimal balance of bone preservation and soft tissue fixation.  Being the first universal Dual-Platform Shoulder System on the market, its adaptability to any bone morphology makes it a desirable choice for complex reverse total shoulder procedures, primary shoulder arthroplasty, and post-fracture reconstructions.

  • Single instrument system for intraoperative flexibility
  • Universal humeral stem for seamless transitions across all procedures
  • Wide range of centered and off-centered humeral heads and glenoid implants
  • Lateralized system optimizes motion and minimizes scapular notching
  • 12-years of clinical history

Humeral Head

  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Concentric and eccentric options to optimize medial and posterior offsets
  • 40-54mm diameter sizes
  • 15-21mm concentric heads heights
  • 16-21mm eccentric head heights

Humeral Stem

  • Titanium
  • Fixed neck angle of 135 degrees
  • Stability provided by metaphyseal volume and lateral fin
  • 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14mm diameters
  • Proportional stem length limits varus or valgus misalignment
  • Female morse-taper facilitates glenoid exposure and visualization
  • Lateral fin suture holes support tuberosity reduction

Cemented Glenoid

  • 44, 46, 48, & 50mm sizes


  • 36, 39, & 42mm options

Metal Backed Glenoid Base

  • 44, 44S, 44R, 46, & 48mm options

STD Humeral Inserts

  • 36, 39, & 42mm options
  • 0, 5, & 10mm heights