Fuse Medical Inc., (OTC: FZMD) announced that they have agreed to distribute Vilex® Inc., a privately held company in Tennesee. The primary business of Vilex® is manufacturing orthopedic and podiatric surgical hardware. This agreement enables Fuse Medical to distribute the Vilex® portfolio.

“Vilex® is a high quality manufacturer and has been chosen based on their innovation and acceptance within the surgical space. They offer a portfolio that clearly shows a collaboration with physicians, something that we have built upon as we see physician collaboration very valuable in today’s market,” says Fuse CEO, Alan Meeker. “We are very pleased to work with Vilex® and to bring our large physician network this unique opportunity to integrate together.”

About Vilex® Inc.

Vilex® Inc. (Vilex®) is a privately-owned company, headquartered in McMinnville, Tennessee and offers a broad range of cannulated screws, locking and conventional plates, small joint implants, a subtalar Arthroereisis implant, and ring and mono-rail external fixation devices. In addition, Vilex® offers a whole array of power equipment such as wire drivers, drills, and oscillating/ reciprocating saws as well as saw blades, guide wires and burrs. For more information on Vilex®, please visit www.vilex.com

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